PIN based on nickname not a suitable choice

Cards and PINs,
Lucas’ credit card was stolen by his former partner, who used it to make unauthorised transactions. The bank told him it considered he had breached the terms and conditions of his card by failing to take reasonable care of it and his PIN, and by failing to notify the bank within a reasonable time that the card had been lost or stolen.
March 2019

Lucas said his partner had been convicted of theft over the matter and it was unfair that he, the victim, should have to bear the loss. He also thought it unfair the bank had referred the resulting debt to a collection agency. 

Our investigation

We considered Lucas had chosen an insecure PIN. In an email to the bank, he had said the PIN was related to his nickname, which his former partner knew. He later denied that he had selected a PIN related to his nickname, but we were satisfied his comment to the bank was likely to be accurate. We also considered the bank had acted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the card by referring the debt to a collection agency. 


Lucas did not respond to our preliminary view, and we closed the file. 

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