Make a complaint

You can make your complaint through our website, by email, over the telephone, in a letter or via Facebook. Tell us:

  • what your complaint is about
  • what you think your bank has done wrong
  • how this has affected you financially and in any other ways
  • provide any relevant documentation
  • what you want your bank to do about it.

Appointing a representative

You do not need a lawyer to use our service. You can appoint a representative to act on your behalf (eg a support person such as a friend, family member or financial mentor). Your representative will be the person / organisation we will send all correspondence to about your complaint.

Start your complaint online
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It is helpful if you have already tried to make contact with your bank's internal complaints team. If you need their contact details we are able to provide these to you. Just give us a call or send us an email.


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