Welcome to the banking sector’s complaints dashboard

You’ll find here an industry-wide picture of what’s causing complaints and why. The information comes from banks.

We’re confident the dashboard will:

  • help customers understand which products and services most often lead to complaints
  • help customers see how banks perform in responding to complaints
  • help banks learn how to improve their products and services
  • help us anticipate trends and offer timely advice
  • help regulators monitor the soundness of the banking sector.

The dashboard will be updated every three months. It is interactive and we encourage you to click on different graphs for more information.

In March 2021, we added individual bank complaint data to the dashboard. The new data provides a snapshot of the number of complaints each bank receives, market share, the time complaints take to resolve, and the proportion resolved. For more information, see our latest media release.

Further information about the dashboard can be found here.

Launch dashboard