Complaints dashboard FAQ

What is a complaint?

A complaint is when a customer tells a bank that they are dissatisfied with the bank’s product, service or staff, or the way the bank has handled a complaint. The customer must also expect a response or resolution.

How complete is the data?

The dashboard displays complaint information from banks who have supplied data. Banks are at different stages of data collection with some banks still developing their systems to meet the dashboard requirements. This means some information, like who complains, may be incomplete.  Please treat this information as indicative only.

We continue to work with banks to improve the complaint information they collect.

The number of complaints seems very high, are banks providing a bad service?

Banks deal with hundreds of thousands of customers and process millions of transactions each day, and so it is inevitable that sometimes things will go wrong. Banks recognise that complaints are an opportunity to learn and therefore they are taking a more expansive view of complaints. High complaint numbers could signal a strong commitment to capturing and learning from complaints, no matter how small.

We will be keeping an eye on whether the number of complaints changes over time.

How do I see more information on the dashboard?

The dashboard is interactive: you can hover over the graphs for more information or click on different products or issues. For example, you can select the product you are interested in, and the graphs will change to provide more details.

What’s the purpose of the complaints by bank table?

Sharing complaint data is a big step toward greater transparency and accountability. The trends and issues data will develop over time. The purpose is not to compare raw numbers. Direct comparisons might not give an accurate indication of service levels because banks vary in size, ability to capture complaints, and they offer different products to the public.