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About us

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is a free and independent service which helps people sort out unresolved problems they have with their banking service providers. This includes:

  • registered banks
  • non-bank deposit takers that:
    - are regulated by the Reserve Bank
    - can demonstrate high quality internal dispute resolution services.

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is independent of its scheme participants, consumers and government. We provide a free investigation and dispute resolution service to anyone who wants to resolve a complaint about any scheme participant that they have not been able to resolve by contacting their banking service provider directly.

For more details about what the Banking Ombudsman can and can't do, see How we can help youdownload our leaflet, or watch our short animated clip.


Banking Ombudsman Scheme Ltd

To help maintain independence and have a legal identity, the Scheme is a company called the Banking Ombudsman Scheme Ltd. Its governing body is a Board on which banks and consumer groups are represented without either having a majority. The Chair of the Board is independent of banks and consumer groups.

The main function of the Board is to ensure the independence of the Banking Ombudsman and to make sure the Banking Ombudsman Scheme is well-run and effective. For more information about the Board and its powers, see the scheme’s constitution.


Please note that the Banking Ombudsman can only consider complaints about banking service providers which are participants of its Scheme.