Bank supplied all the details required in investor statements

Account information,
Aaron complained to us about how the bank reported information about his joint portfolio investment entity, or PIE. Aaron considered the information given to him in 2021 was not presented in a way that made account reconciliation possible, and that the information was not sent to both joint account owners.
May 2022

Aaron asked the bank to provide information so he could complete his tax returns, and he considered the bank failed to properly respond to his request and complaint.

Our investigation

We reviewed the investor statements the bank sent to Aaron and found they contained all the information the bank was obligated to give Aaron. We also found the bank was entitled to send this information to only one of the joint account holders for each PIE account. We acknowledged the bank had taken some time to provide the information Aaron sought, but any stress and inconvenience suffered by Aaron as a result of the delays in the bank's response were not significant enough to warrant compensation.


We could not uphold Aaron's complaint.

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