Joint account did not form part of late brother's estate

Deceased customers' accounts,
Jordan was executor of his late brother’s estate. He wanted information about his brother’s financial affairs, including a joint account his brother had with his partner.
January 2013

Jordan gave his brother’s bank information to show he was executor and entitled to his brother’s information. However, the bank would not give him any information about the joint account, saying it did not form part of his brother’s estate and became his partner’s sole account when he died. It said it could disclose information about the account only with the partner’s consent, which it offered to get for him.

Our investigation

Jordan was dissatisfied with the bank’s response. He needed the information because he was in a dispute with his brother’s partner, who was unlikely to agree to disclosure of the information. He maintained that the bank should disclose the information to him and complained to us.

We explained that the bank’s advice was correct, and we did not have the power to make the bank disclose the information he wanted. We added that a court had the power to require the release of information in certain circumstances.


We could not help Jordan and suggested he talk to a lawyer about seeking a court order.

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