Nigel Latta sitting at a desk‘You’ve been scammed by Nigel Latta’ is a 4-part documentary series airing on TVNZ and TVNZ+ during July 2023.

The series brings together respected clinical psychologist Nigel Latta and New Zealand online safety experts to show how easily scammers exploit us and how to better protect yourself.

Latta uses real scam cases as well as his own stings and experiments to demonstrate how behavioural traits like FOMO or complacency are used against us. In many cases for irreparable financial and emotional harm.

Each episode focuses on two types of the most common scams – Impersonation, Phishing, Investment, Buying & Selling, Extortion, Invoice, Remote Access and Romance Scams.

To give you a taster, episode 1 sees viewers listen to a real call from a scammer impersonating a bank fraud employee. The call is scrutinized by Netsafe Chief Online Safety Officer Sean Lyons and Latta to show how easily the scammer uses some basic information about the victim to elicit personal details.

Keen to better protect yourself, friends and whanau? Watch the series ‘You’ve been scammed by Nigel Latta’.

See what Nigel’s top prevention tips were:

If you think you’ve been scammed:

Call your bank immediately on their listed number

Report it to 0800 CERT NZ and 0508 NETSAFE

Contact the Police

Other useful resources?

See our Scams or Top 5 Scams guides. Have a read of our media release for more information

Note: ‘You’ve been scammed by Nigel Latta’ was championed by the Banking Ombudsman Scheme and made possible with the support of NZ banks as a shared commitment to fraud prevention.