Bank accepted CCTV footage as compelling evidence when we intervened

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In November 2023, Lily lost her wallet, which had her credit card in it. By the time she realised later in the day that her wallet was missing, someone had already found it and used the credit card to make purchases totalling $1,500. Some purchases were made online and some at stores in a mall where she worked.
June 2024

The bank declined to reimburse the $1,500, saying the IP address used for some of the online payments was the same as the IP address she had used for some earlier, legitimate payments. Lily couldn’t understand why the addresses matched. However, she managed to get CCTV footage from one of the stores showing several teenagers using her card and passed it on to the bank. Three months passed and the bank gave her no meaningful updates, so she complained to us.

Our investigation

As soon as we opened an investigation into the complaint, the bank accepted that the CCTV footage was compelling evidence that Lily had not authorised the credit card payments. The bank reimbursed the credit card payments in full and offered $1,000 compensation for the delay in reaching a decision.


Lily accepted the bank's offer.

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