Vehicle loan complaint a dispute with business partner

Concerns about lending decisions,
John’s business partner bought a car with finance from their bank. John said the car was a business vehicle, although the lending documents were in the business partner's personal name. Dennis said his business partner later sold the car to him. The business partner rang the bank to say the car had been stolen and was at John’s address.
November 2022

The bank, which had an interest over the vehicle because the loan was not yet repaid, arranged for its agent to recover the car. 

Dennis sought to take over the loan but the bank declined to do so. He complained to us about this fact. He also said the bank’s agent had been aggressive and refused to give him a copy of the document under which he was acting, although he promised to return the vehicle once he paid the outstanding loan amount. 

Our investigation

We were not able to consider John’s complaint because he was not the one receiving a banking service – it was his business partner who had taken out the loan. In reality, it was a dispute with his business partner, as well as with the bank’s agent over the repossession process.


We could not consider the complaint because it was outside our jurisdiction.

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