Refund justified when concert tickets didn't arrive

Morgan bought concert tickets online with her credit card through Viagogo, but said she was not made aware of the full price until after completing the purchase. Further, she had not received the tickets. Morgan complained to us that the transaction amount differed from the amount she had agreed to, and that the tickets had not arrived.
November 2018

Our investigation

The bank sent us screenshots from the Viagogo system showing the total cost was displayed before payment was made. 

Further, Viagogo said the tickets would be sent three days before the concert. That deadline had not been reached when Morgan complained to us, so there was no justification at that point for a chargeback for not providing the tickets. But the deadline passed and no tickets arrived. A chargeback was justified at that point, and was successful as Viagogo did not respond to the request to verify the tickets had been sent. 


Morgan was fully reimbursed. The bank also reimbursed all interest and fees resulting from the transaction. 

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