Trader authorised disputed transactions

Tony had accounts with several online binary options trading companies. Tony traded on whether the value of stocks and currency would rise or fall. He made several deposits into his accounts, providing his credit card details so merchants could charge his card. Tony’s trades were unsuccessful and he lost most of his money.
August 2016

He contacted his bank to dispute the charges on his credit card from two merchants. He said the first merchant had put through unauthorised charges, and the second merchant hadn’t delivered the services he had paid for.

The bank initiated the chargeback process, but both merchants disputed the chargebacks. The first merchant produced a signed authorisation form, and the second produced a screenshot showing Tony had engaged in numerous trades using money he had deposited into his online account. The bank couldn’t charge back the transactions. 

Our investigation

Tony complained to us. We looked at whether the bank followed the chargeback process and correctly assessed each merchant’s response. The first merchant’s authorisation form clearly showed Tony had authorised all of the deposits he disputed. The second merchant's account screenshot showed Tony had engaged in numerous online trades, and had therefore used the service provided by the merchant. We were satisfied the bank could not charge back the transactions. 


We told Tony we were unable to help him.

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