Processing delay didn't entitle customer to clean out account

Processing payments,
Jordan used his debit card to pay a courier fee. A month later, the transaction was processed and charged to his account. Jordan's account didn't have enough money in it, and he went into unarranged overdraft. Jordan complained that the bank caused the delayed processing of the transaction and then charged fees on an overdraft that wasn’t his fault. He wanted the bank to correct his transaction records and reverse the fees.
June 2015

Jordan said he thought the courier fee was processed the same day he paid the courier. When he asked a bank teller to withdraw money from his account some time later, the teller didn’t tell him the earlier transaction had not yet been processed. He therefore thought he could withdraw the entire balance, which he did, leaving insufficient money to pay the courier fee.

Our investigation

We found the bank had acted in accordance with his card's terms and conditions and wasn’t responsible for the courier company's delay in passing on the fee for processing.


The bank agreed to refund the overdraft fees, but said it couldn’t alter his transaction records because transactions had to appear on the day they were made.

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