Complaint referred on because bank merely an outlet for card

Travel cards,
Sarah complained that her travel card's fees and exchange rates were not properly disclosed.
March 2015

Her card allowed her to load money in a range of currencies to pay for purchases in the local currency while overseas. Fees were payable depending on how she used the card. Different exchange rates also applied depending on whether she was loading money on to the card, transferring between different currencies, or making a purchase in a currency that was not loaded on to the card.

Sarah had bought her card from her bank, but other financial service providers issued and distributed it. They also set the fees and exchange rates. The bank was classified as a "distribution outlet".

Our investigation

Sarah’s complaint was about the disclosure of the fees and exchange rates, not her bank’s service, so we advised her to take her complaint to the card distributors’ dispute resolution scheme.


With Sarah's agreement, we referred the complaint to another dispute resolution scheme.

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