Customer worried about security of contactless technology

Contactless cards,
Jamie was concerned about the safety of contactless technology and asked her bank not to include such technology in her credit cards when replacements were next issued. Her bank replied that it was now issuing all new and replacement cards with the technology and could not meet her request. Jamie suggested the bank set a contactless transaction limit of $0, but the bank replied that it couldn't do that either.
December 2013

Our investigation

Jamie complained to us. She said she was aware she would not be liable for fraudulent transactions made using her card if she used it according to its terms and conditions, but she wanted to eliminate the risk of this happening.

We explained that we could not review the bank’s decision to issue her a contactless card. This was a decision the bank was entitled to make, and the bank was not doing anything wrong.


Jamie accepted we could not help her and withdrew her complaint.

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