Missing money found during maintenance work

Tani deposited $1055 in her bank’s ATM, but it recorded receiving only $330. Seeing this, she cancelled the transaction and the machine returned $330 cash. She took this money into her local branch and deposited it into her account, telling the branch about her experience at the ATM.
November 2013

The bank looked into Tani’s claim and said the ATM had balanced. The ATM’s computer records showed it had received only $330.

Our investigation

Tani complained to us. We asked the bank for copies of the ATM’s transaction records and video footage of Tani using it. While the bank was gathering this information, the ATM underwent routine maintenance. 

The bank told the maintenance company about Tani’s claim the machine had not correctly processed her deposit, and during the maintenance work, the missing money was found. 


We contacted Tani and told her the money had been found. It was deposited in her account the same day. 

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