Customer liable for transaction losses while in prison

Cards and PINs,
David was sent to prison for two years in October 2018, and during that time unauthorised transactions totalling $9,000 were made on his debit card.
March 2022

On his release, he contacted the bank to say only he and his mother knew his PIN. The bank said disclosing his PIN to his mother breached the terms and conditions of his card, and it was therefore not liable to reimburse him for the transactions.

Our investigation

We reviewed all the information about the transactions. It showed that whoever made the transactions entered the correct PIN without any failed attempts, which suggested he or she knew the card's PIN. The most likely explanation, we said, was that David had either disclosed his PIN or not taken reasonable care to keep it confidential.


We could not uphold his complaint that the bank should reimburse him the $9,000.

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