Quality question outside scope of contracted service

Greg complained that his bank wrongly declined to charge back a transaction for a hotel room in Thailand that he said “did not conform to description”. He described the room as filthy, noisy, smelly and unusable.
August 2019

Our investigation

We considered the chargeback reason of “service not as described” did not apply in Greg’s case. The hotel had in fact provided the service contracted for – a hotel room with a garden view. The contract did not cover matters of quality. 

 However, we considered the bank did not accurately communicate with Greg about the chargeback request. It had initially referred to a chargeback reason code that did not apply to his case.  We accepted this caused Greg some confusion, and recommended an inconvenience payment of $250. 


Greg did not accept our view, but the bank subsequently increased its offer to $450, which Greg accepted.


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