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Bank accounts

Account mandates

May 2016

An account mandate, also known as an account signing authority, sets out who can use an account, including who can access information about the account. 

Closure of accounts

Mar 2016

A fundamental part of the relationship between a banking service provider and its customer is that either may end it at any time.

Dealing with a deceased customer’s bank accounts

Feb 2014

We sometimes receive complaints from relatives or associates of someone who has died, particularly in relation to disclosure of information about the deceased’s bank accounts, or the operation of the accounts.

Joint accounts and relationship breakdowns

Feb 2016

Typically, joint accounts are shared between couples, close relatives or business partners. They can be a very convenient way to manage shared funds. But, when a relationship between joint account holders breaks down, problems can arise.

Missing accounts

Mar 2016

Sometimes customers contact us because their bank is refusing to pay the credit balance on an old account the customer believes has never been closed or paid out.

Stopping and freezing accounts

May 2013

If you instruct your bank to make a payment, the bank is generally legally obliged to carry out your instructions. In some circumstances however, your bank can suspend an account and refuse your instructions.