better banking


Contactless technology

Oct 2014

Contactless technology allows for easy, fast payments without the need to swipe a card or enter a PIN. This technology is available on most new credit cards and many debit cards. It will soon also be available through mobile wallet apps on mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. We anticipate mobile wallets could be publically available in New Zealand by the end of 2014.

Credit and debit card transaction chargebacks

Dec 2016

We sometimes receive complaints about credit and debit card chargebacks. Complaints come from cardholders and merchants. 

Looking after your credit and debit cards and PINs

Dec 2013

We have updated our first quick guide which provides information on: how to protect your credit and debit cards and PINs, how to select a secure PIN, and what to do if you lose a card.

Travel cards

Dec 2015

Travel cards can provide a safe and convenient way to pay for things when you are overseas. Before travelling money is loaded onto the card and used to pay in local currency when you are overseas. There are a number of cards to choose from with varying features and conditions.