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Banking Ombudsman offers guidance to banking customers on mortgage issues

13 Mar 2012

Difficulties with mortgage finance remain the single largest cause of complaints to the Banking Ombudsman, and mortgagee sales disputes have been at record levels.

Record number of complaints and enquiries to Banking Ombudsman

01 Nov 2011

Complaints and enquiries to the Banking Ombudsman are at historically high levels, but the number of disputes requiring investigation is down.

Co-operative Bank approved as member of Banking Ombudsman Scheme

26 Oct 2011

The Office of the Banking Ombudsman has today announced that The Co-operative Bank has been approved as a member of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

Buyer beware when paying in NZD overseas says Banking Ombudsman

08 Apr 2011

The Banking Ombudsman is advising customers that they are likely to pay more for their purchases while overseas if they choose to pay in New Zealand dollars when they use their credit cards.

Hardship issues keep Banking Ombudsman's caseload high

01 Apr 2011

Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell says that consumer hardship is keeping complaints to her office at record high numbers, and she expects little change given the effect of the Canterbury earthquake on Christchurch residents and the wider economy.

Accessing KiwiSaver savings for purchasing a first home

15 Feb 2011

The Banking Ombudsman would like to clarify important conditions surrounding the withdrawal of KiwiSaver savingsfor the purchase of a first home.

New Banking Ombudsman deputy announced as scheme expands

30 Nov 2010

The Office of the Banking Ombudsman has today announced the appointment of Nicola Sladden as Deputy Ombudsman. She is joining the Office at a time when the Scheme has extended its membership to include non-bank deposit-takers.

The Commerce Commission’s settlement with ANZ National Bank Ltd and ING (NZ) Ltd

14 Sep 2010

In light of the Commerce Commission's settlement with ANZ and ING, the Banking Ombudsman has issued a statement about complaints which have already been or are yet to be considered by her.

Banking Ombudsman Scheme enters new era

01 Sep 2010

Banking Ombudsman Chair Ron Paterson said today that the Banking Ombudsman Scheme has obtained Ministerial approval as a dispute resolution scheme and would soon be expanding to include non-bank deposit takers that met its quality criteria.

Frequently asked questions relating to the Commerce Commission settlement with ANZ

08 Jul 2010

In light of the Commerce Commission's settlement with ANZ, the Banking Ombudsman provides useful information regarding complaints completed by and lodged with her office.

Banking Ombudsman ING investigations to continue

22 Jun 2010

The Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell is advising ANZ customers whose complaints about the failed ING products are being considered by her Office to continue with this process.

Banking Ombudsman Scheme appoints new Chair

13 May 2010

The Board of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme has pleasure in announcing the appointment of Professor Ron Paterson as the new independent Chair.

Check that cheque says Banking Ombudsman

29 Mar 2010

The Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell reminds people about the precautions they need to take to protect themselves when using cheques.

Banking Ombudsman urges more care with PIN numbers

17 Mar 2010

The Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell is urging bank customers to take better care when choosing PIN numbers for their credit or debit cards.

Banking Ombudsman invites calls from ANZ customers receiving offers on ING funds

27 Nov 2009

The Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell said today that ANZ customers who have received offered on their ING funds are welcome to contact her office to discuss these offers.

Important information regarding DYF and RIF investments

19 Oct 2009

Important information for ANZ Bank customers who had investments in the ING Diversified Yield Fund (DYF) and/or Regular Income Fund (RIF).

Complaints about investments in ING diversified yield fund and regular income fund

17 Jul 2009

ING has made an offer to investors in these funds. If you consider the ING offer that you have accepted is not enough compensation for loss you have suffered as a result of faulty advice or information, you can make a complaint.

The Board appoints Deborah Battell as the new Banking Ombudsman

04 Jun 2009

The Board of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme Ltd is pleased to announce that Ms Deborah Battell has been appointed Banking Ombudsman.

ANZ customers accepting the ING offer can also complain to Banking Ombudsman

01 Jun 2009

Investors who bought into ING's DYF and RIF, relying on advice or information from ANZ and its advisers, can accept the offer now made by ING and still complain to the Banking Ombudsman if they consider they were wrongly advised.

Banking Ombudsman speaks with MPs’ support staff in Christchurch and Dunedin

28 Apr 2009

With the assistance of Parliamentary Services, the employer of MPs’ electorate support staff, Liz Brown addressed two meetings of parliamentary support staff.