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Doh! Keep tabs on your account balances

02 Feb 2016

A debit card transaction processed a month later put a man’s account into overdraft.  He thought the delay was the bank’s fault and he shouldn’t have to pay the overdraft charges and fees but did we agree?

Odd-job man conned by customer

19 Jan 2016

An odd-job man who did a favour for a customer and let him deposit money in his account didn’t realise he was the mule in a scam.

Beware – being a guarantor lasts for a long time

05 Jan 2016

When the company a man owned went into liquidation, a 10-year-old agreement to be a guarantor came back to haunt him.

All the best for Christmas and the holiday season!

23 Dec 2015

Our office closes at 12:30pm on Thursday 24 December and reopens at 8:30am on Tuesday 5 January 2016.

Man complains about bank's handling of credit card chargeback service

23 Dec 2015

A man who wasn’t happy with his bank’s explanation about chargebacks was offered $500 by his bank to acknowledge its poor service.

New easy-to-read scheme rules apply from 1 January

21 Dec 2015

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme’s new Terms of Reference (rules), which apply from 1 January 2016, are now live on the website.

New Year, new money you

21 Dec 2015

Finances can sometimes feel a bit tight after Christmas but this makes it the perfect time to take stock of your banking requirements. Regularly check what’s going on with your accounts to make sure they are operating as you want them to. It may be that your circumstances or priorities have changed over the past year or so and you may need to tweak things to make the most of the money you have.

Protect your cards and accounts this Christmas to avoid upset

16 Dec 2015

It’s the season to be jolly but joy can turn to woe quickly if you’re not careful with your money. Every year we deal with complaints from people who’ve ended up out of pocket because they weren’t careful enough.

Watch bank balance if you spend up this Christmas – Banking Ombudsman

11 Dec 2015

Pre-Christmas spending puts pressure on finances and people need to monitor their bank balances to avoid overdraft fees and costs, says Banking Ombudsman Nicola Sladden.

Bank declines insurance claim relating to gradual damage, but acknowledges wrong policy

04 Dec 2015

The owner of a holiday home rental damaged by water erosion found out that regardless of the type of insurance policy he should have had, his claim would not have been successful. Read on to find out why.

Do travel card research to avoid overseas Christmas holiday cost surprises

02 Dec 2015

Travel cards can provide a safe and convenient way to pay for things when you are overseas, but if you use one that’s not suited to your requirements, there could be problems and unexpected costs.

Lending arrangement turns bad when son leaves father with the debt

18 Nov 2015

A family arrangement to assist with a loan left an elderly parent in a precarious financial position.

Businesses vulnerable to email hackers – Banking Ombudsman

13 Nov 2015

The Banking Ombudsman receives complaints every year from businesses and their customers who have been tricked into transferring money to hackers by following instructions in fraudulent emails.

Man authorises $US200 online purchase, but complains when $US3,200 is taken

03 Nov 2015

A man who authorised a $US200 online purchase complained to us after his bank was unable to retrieve the $US3,200 withdrawn by the merchant.  Read on for what our investigation found.

Man knew he didn’t have insurance but wanted a pay-out anyway

21 Oct 2015

A man goes into a bank to buy insurance and leaves knowing he hasn’t completed the deal.  His house is then damaged in an earthquake, but it’s not until several years later that he complains that the bank should pay him what it would have paid – had he had insurance. Read on to find out what we made of this complaint.

Room to improve bank online complaint info – Banking Ombudsman

19 Oct 2015

Banks need to improve their online complaints information, the Banking Ombudsman Scheme says in its 2014-15 Annual Report released today.


Property sold to repay debtors but bank kept all sale proceeds

07 Oct 2015

A woman claimed she may have been better off to not sell her property after her bank kept all the sale proceeds instead of letting her pay off other debtors.

Sister spent all mother’s money, leaving nothing to cover funeral costs

23 Sep 2015

A woman complained her sibling spent all their mother’s money before she died, so they had to foot the bill for the funeral.  What did we think of this case?

When is “close of business” in the world of electronic banking?

11 Sep 2015

We had to establish what “close of business” means in the electronic age to resolve a complaint about bonus interest not being paid.  Read on for what we found.

Money Week 2015

31 Aug 2015

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme supports Money Week because in addition to helping people resolve banking complaints, we raise awareness about the issues behind the complaints.  Our aim is for everybody to be better informed about how to bank better.  If you think something's not right and you haven't been able to resolve it with your bank, you can complain to our office.