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Media releases

Oh (Hong Kong) phooey!

15 Jun 2016

Bank doesn't spot out of character account activity which was a sign its customers were being scammed.

Elderly dad left in lurch by son highlights need to prepare for old age

14 Jun 2016

The case of a son leaving his dad in the lurch resulting in him almost losing his house, highlights the need for people to think ahead to protect their finances in their old age.

Dispute over additional loans taken out by ex-partner who forged signatures

08 Jun 2016

Broken hearts, forged signatures and a bank that didn’t spot them in a loan application.  Who did we recommend repay the loan?

Post-dated cheque complaint

01 Jun 2016

No-show by contractor leads to complaint when bank honours post-dated cheque.

Bank takes rates arrears out of customer account

18 May 2016

Did Mr Y have a leg to stand on complaining about his bank taking rates arrears from his account?

Info request tool gets thumbs-up from Banking Ombudsman

12 May 2016

An online tool to help people seek personal information held by organisations such as banks has won favour with the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

Cheque complaints on rise

11 May 2016

A sharp decline in the use of cheques has not reduced the number of cheque-related complaints, says Banking Ombudsman Nicola Sladden.

Don’t forget to bank that cheque!

09 May 2016

The longer you leave cashing a cheque, the less likely you are to see the money.

Show the ID to get the money

04 May 2016

If you want to be able to cash a cheque at the bank, be prepared to show some ID, otherwise you might go away empty-handed.

Call for more care setting up joint accounts

02 May 2016

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is urging people setting up shared accounts to think carefully about how they allow users to operate such accounts after continuing to see a steady stream of complaints about “account mandates”.

Was it switching insurance that was the problem…or something else?

27 Apr 2016

A declined insurance claim to a new insurer led to a complaint about missing out on a payout following a switch from one company to another.  Did we agree?  

Complaint from person unhappy mortgagee sale didn’t proceed

13 Apr 2016

We received a complaint from a woman unhappy that her bank said it would sell a property she jointly owned with an ex-partner, and then didn’t proceed with the sale.  Did we uphold her complaint?

Guide manages expectations about compensation for bank mistakes

31 Mar 2016

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has issued a guide to how it approaches claims for compensation and inconvenience suffered by bank customers.

Guide to help untangle credit and debit card transaction disputes

31 Mar 2016

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme has published a Quick Guide about credit and debit card transaction disputes because of complaints each year from both credit card holders and merchants.

Complaint about change in statement information

30 Mar 2016

A woman complained her bank had breached its contract by changing the information it provided in electronic statements.  Read on to see whether we agreed.


Increasing a credit card limit led to complaint about irresponsible lending

15 Mar 2016

A woman complained about her bank increasing her credit card limit, even though she asked for an increase – twice.  What did we decide?

No cover or house fire because premiums weren’t paid

01 Mar 2016

A man who lost his house in a fire said his bank was to blame for him not having insurance when he thought he did.

Buying plane tickets from Panama led to an overdraft and a complaint

16 Feb 2016

A hold on funds for plane tickets from Panama, confusion over fluctuating exchange rates and inconsistent communication from the bank resulted in a complaint about bad service.

Valentine’s Day reminder to sever your banking ties if love fails

12 Feb 2016

Your finances as well as your heart can be broken if you don’t update your banking arrangements after a relationship breakdown.

Young people need safe banking practices too – Banking Ombudsman

09 Feb 2016

It's Safer Internet Day and young people need to be aware of the financial risks of the digital age.