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Help with making a complaint

NZ Relay

New Zealand Relay (NZ Relay) is a telecommunications service for people who are Deaf, hearing-impaired, deaf-blind, or speech-impaired.  NZ Relay staff are specially trained to help New Zealanders with a hearing or speech impairment.  Click here, and you will be instantly in touch with them. If necessary they will get in touch with the Banking Ombudsman Scheme on your behalf.


NZ Relay Help Desk services are available 24 hrs/day

0800 4 713 713 TTY
0800 4 715 715 Voice
0800 4 329 697 Fax


Captel/Web Captel

CapTel helps people who struggle to hear on the phone to be able to communicate confidently.  If you use CapTel or Web CapTel to call the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, please let our staff know you are reading captions as there is a slight delay between them speaking and the captions appearing at your end.


New Zealand Sign Language

We have translated our information leaflet into New Zealand Sign Language to assist the deaf community to find out about how the Banking Ombudsman Scheme can help with bank complaints.


Limited English?

We use interpreters from Language Line.

Please note that the Banking Ombudsman Scheme can only consider complaints about scheme participants.