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Guide to making an online complaint

Guide to filling in the online form

If you have any questions or need help filling in the form, please call our freephone 0800 805 950, or email


Make your complaint as clear and concise as possible

When making your complaint please explain as simply and clearly as possible what, in your view, has gone wrong, and why, and what you would view as a fair settlement or resolution of your complaint. This will help us to investigate your complaint promptly.

If you are having trouble writing your complaint organisations such as citizens’ advice offices, budget advice services and community law centres may be able to help you. Our staff will also be happy to advise and help.


Complete all sections of the form marked “required”

Complete all the required sections of the form, which are indicated by a red asterix. If you try to send the form without filling all these sections, it will not be sent, and a message on your screen will tell you which sections still need to be filled in.


Provide copies of all key documents relevant to your complaint

Please send us all key documents relevant to your complaint. If some information is missing from your file, we may be able to obtain this from your bank while your complaint is being investigated.

Always copy or scan your documents and keep valuable originals in case they get lost in the post. Please insert any documents you are attaching to your online complaint into the “Attachments” section at the bottom of the complaints form.

You can attach five documents to your online complaint. If you wish to send us more than five documents, please email the additional documents separately.


Printing the online complaint form and filling it in by hand is also an option

If you prefer, you can print the online form and can fill it in by hand. You can then send it to our freepost address with any attachments.



The content of your complaint is strictly confidential.

Please be aware that to progress your complaint when we receive it, we may provide the information you give us to the bank involved with your complaint. If you do not want us to refer your complaint, please select "No, I disagree" in the disclaimer section.