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Checklist for making a complaint

Before you complain to the Banking Ombudsman Scheme ask yourself:

  • Do you have a complaint about a scheme participant?
  • Have you tried to resolve your complaint through the participant's internal complaints process?
  • Have you checked if the Banking Ombudsman Scheme can consider your complaint?

If you are able to answer yes to these questions then the Banking Ombudsman Scheme may be able to help. If you need any help to answer these questions please contact us.


Scheme participants

Please check our list of scheme participants to ensure that at the time of your complaint your bank was covered by our scheme and for their contact details. Up-to-date information about scheme participants’ complaints processes can be found on their websites.


Participants' internal complaints processes

Before the Banking Ombudsman Scheme can consider your complaint, you must have contacted the bank concerned to ask it to consider your complaint through its internal complaints procedure. It is usually best to put your complaint in writing and to post or email your complaint to the scheme participant’s complaints department. Most of our scheme participants will, however, also accept complaints online or by phone.

If you are not happy with the scheme participant's decision regarding your complaint, the Banking Ombudsman Scheme may be able to help.

If you have received a final or "deadlock" letter from the scheme participant advising you that you have three months in which to bring your complaint to the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, it is essential that you contact us within three months of the date of the letter. If you do not do so, the Banking Ombudsman Scheme is unlikely to be able to investigate your complaint.

If you need help to make your complaint to one of our scheme participants, please contact us.