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Case any enquiry, complaint or dispute.
Enquiry where customers are seeking advice about a banking issue and/or how to make a complaint about a bank.
Complaint    a matter regarding a banking issue that is referred to the participant as it has not been considered by their internal complaints process.
Complaint facilitation occurs when we assist in the resolution of a complaint that is still being considered by a participant.
Dispute a complaint that has been escalated to the Banking Ombudsman Scheme having been considered by the participant’s internal complaints process without reaching a resolution.
Jurisdictional decline a formal decision by the Banking Ombudsman Scheme not to investigate a dispute because it falls outside our terms of reference.
Facilitation a dispute that is resolved at an early stage without the need for a formal investigation and written assessment.
Conciliation where the parties to a dispute, together with the assistance of an independent conciliator, attempt to find a resolution to their dispute. This can take place either in person or by telephone.
Initial assessment a formal written decision that sets out the complaint, the facts of the case, the  issues, the Banking Ombudsman Scheme’s assessment of these and proposed recommendation.
Recommendation issued if either side to the dispute does not agree with our initial assessment.  It contains the Banking Ombudsman Scheme’s final decision on a case.
Award can be made by the Banking Ombudsman Scheme if a complainant accepts a recommendation, but the participant does not. If accepted by the complainant in full and final settlement of the case, the award becomes binding on both parties.