better banking

Our values

There are six important principles underlying everything we do as an Ombudsman scheme.

We are completely independent of scheme participants, consumer groups and government.

We are fair to both complainants and scheme participants.

There is no cost to the complainant and our processes are accessible and easy to use.

We give clear accountable reasons for each decision we make. We publish information about both the numbers and types of complaints, and we also publish our case notes.

Our effectiveness means we can often resolve complaints quickly with little formality. When formal recommendations are made, scheme participants nearly always accept them. If a bank does not accept a recommendation, the Banking Ombudsman Scheme can make an enforceable award of compensation.

We aim to work efficiently to produce a fair outcome in every case. If there is going to be a delay, we will tell you about it and about when you can expect the next action.


As a scheme we are also committed to:

  • Respect: we listen and seek to understand different points of view. We are empathetic but neutral, and focus on issues not personalities.
  • Adaptability: we both respond to and lead change, we look for solutions to problems and learn from mistakes.
  • Courage: we make decisions on a principled basis irrespective of how difficult they are.
  • Integrity: we are trustworthy and impartial, and we do what we say we will.
  • Excellence: we do everything to the best of our ability, we do it better every time and we look to add value from our insights and learning.